Historically, with respect to the hedge fund industry it has been common for directors of offshore hedge funds to be principals or employees of the fund’s investment manager with, in some cases, an additional member provided by the hedge fund’s other service providers, usually the administrator or offshore law firm. However, due to the inherent potential conflicts of interest, particularly on pricing and valuation or interpretation of the fund’s legal documents, most administrators and law firms are no longer willing to provide directors. Also, investors are asking for independent and experienced directors to make up the majority of the board especially after the events of 2009. Concurrently, investment managers have become increasingly aware of the benefits that experienced, independent directors can provide as an additional set of eyes and the added value benefits which can be provided to the organization as a whole. As a director, Walter Reich, Peter Van Zoost, Alessandro Palladino, Julie Reich, Simon Hiemstra and/or Zak Jelusic will draw on their backgrounds and experience to provide the relevant board with independence and knowledge while carrying out their fiduciary duties to the relevant company’s/partnership’s shareholders/partners.

Directorship services to hedge funds are primarily focused to funds domiciled in BVI and Cayman.

A directorship agreement outlining the services to be offered by the individual director together with relevant terms and conditions will be circulated for review and execution by the relevant entity.