Stints at Citco (the largest hedge fund administrator in the world) and a small multi-arbitrage hedge fund  that would grow to nearly $1 billion in AUM provided the needed for the foundation for the Tovel Group.

“Tovel” is a name from a beautiful emerald green colored alpine lake in the Val di Non, Trentino region of the Dolomites in Northern Italy where Walter’s parents are originally from. Besides being an absolutely stunning lake framed by the majestic Brenta Dolomites, “Lago di Tovel” used to occasionally and mysteriously turn bright red. Scientists were dispatched to the area to find the substance but there is still no complete consensus to what the elusive substance was that made it change its color. It is the same in BVI in determining the right substance required for entities domiciled in BVI but at Tovel, we are confident we can assist in finding the right solution.