Middle Office

Signatory and Board Support Services

Effectively blending BVI based and onshore resources in a global strategy enables multinational companies to obtain operational efficiencies and providing them with a competitive advantage over an onshore-only or single-country structure. At Tovel, we are strong believers that the logic behind the establishment of a BVI company can be further substantiated when experienced human capital (located in BVI) is integrated and who provide real value added services. A key objective for clients who establish an entity in BVI should be to demonstrate real substance, proper mind and management which enhances the commercial advantage of carrying out its business from the BVI.

Depending on the client’s requirements, a tailored list of middle office/secretarial services can be provided. Assistance in trade reconciliation, liaising with various counterparties (prime brokers, custodians, auditors, administrators, lawyers, etc.), acting as bank signatory, preparation and issuance of invoicing, accounting, reporting (investors, regulators, etc.), compliance and oversight type services are just a sample of the types of responsibilities which can be considered middle office in nature.

Arranging meetings, setting agendas and drafting minutes are the types of services that Tovel can be provide that are more secretarial in nature.